Purpose: This is an open discussion among new nurse educators. The goals is to share reflections on growth and plans for the future.

Steps for Completion:

  1. After reading the various documents about the academic community, healthful work environments, and mentoring, share your plans for advancing nursing education, including your ongoing development as a nurse educator. References are not required, but if included, must be cited.
  2. Share your reflections about the results of the KSA of Scholarly Writing Self-Assessment and how they compare to your results in Module 1. What areas changed, how did they change, and what is your plan for continuing to develop the KSAs of scholarly writing?
  3. Share your specific plans to disseminate your education innovation (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Scoring Assessment) – identify two journals and two conferences that align with your education innovation. Provide rationale for your choices and a plan for submitting to at least one journal and conference. Identify resources, including mentors who can provide you with quality feedback that you will use to prepare your materials for submission. Present a specific timeline for submission. References are not required, but if included, must be cited.


Helpful sites : https://nursingeditors.com/journals-directory/